Reghaia Housing Project is a turnkey project for National Agency for Housing Improvement and Development (AADL) of the Algerian Ministry of Urban Planning and Development.
Total project area is 600,000 sqm.The project has 5000 apartments and types of the apartmens are 2+1 and 3+1. Apartments change between 70 sqm and 85 sqm.
The construction was realised by using the tunnel-form techniqe. Apart from the main construction,infrastructure works, such as roads and landscaping works, sewer pipeline and drainage works, pipeline of drinking water and outdoor lighting works, were realised. The total project value is $200 million.

Sum up of the project:

  • Total project area: 600000 sqm
  • Total number of blocks: 177
  • Total number of apartments: 5000
  • Total project value : $200 million.
  • Total asphalt area: 107654 sqm
  • Total sewer pipeline: 21174 m
  • Total drinking water line: 13967 m
  • Cable for outdoor lighting: 50015 m
  • Number of electric poles: 424 unit.
  • Total area of planting: 66000 sqm.
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